• The Georgian presence in America began in 1890 with the arrival of 12 Georgian horsemen hired by Buffalo Bill Cody and his Wild Congress of Rough Riders. The horseman successfully competed with talented horsemen from Mexico, Argentina, France, England, Spain, and the United States. Under the leadership of Prince Ivan Rostromov Marcheradse, the Georgians charmed audiences with their energy, style, and riding skills. In 1910, a second group of 30 Georgian male and female riders successfully performed with the Ringling Brothers Circus
  • Omari Mikhailovich Tetradze (born 13 October 1969 as Omari Mikhailovich Osipov) is a Georgian former football player of Greek descent who, during his playing career, represented Russia at international level. He is currently head coach of FC Zhetysu
  • Giorgi Gakhokidze (born 5 November 1975 in Tbilisi) is a former Georgian footballer. He played for clubs like PSV EindhovenMaccabi HaifaFC Twente and Metalurh Donetsk. Between 1996 and 2006 he was also a member of the Georgian national team.
  • Kokkai Futoshi (born March 10, 1981 as Levan Tsaguria) is a former professional sumo wrestler from Georgia. He began his career in May 2001. He is the first European rikishi to reach sumo's highest division, makuuchi, which he achieved in 2004. His highest rank waskomusubi, which he reached in 2006. He earned two special prizes for Fighting Spirit and two gold stars for defeating yokozuna. He wrestled for Oitekaze stable.
  • Levan Giorgadze The Georgian sumo wrestler Tochinoshin (Levan Giorgadze) faces a personal record-breaking run after the 25-year old competitor, who holds a rank of the 6th Maegashira of the East, defeated Masunoyama, the 7th Maegashira. The next rival of Tochinoshin will be Yoshkaze, the 8th Maegashira, who has not yet won on a basho. Tochinoshin holds a current 4-0 balance and has never claimed five straight victories in a highest division start.
  • David Baramidze (born September 27, 1988 in TbilisiGeorgia) is a Germanchess GrandmasterHe obtained the title in 2004, which made him the youngest German Grandmaster ever. In this year, he also finished 2nd in the World Youth Championships. He is currently ranked 29th in Germany (Elo rating 2532, September 2009). Represented Germany in the 2008 Chess Olympiad in Dresden.
  • Yasha Manasherov (born October 29, 1980 in Tbilisi,Georgia) is a retired amateur Israeli Greco-Roman wrestler, who competed in the men's middleweight category.Manasherov finished eighth in the 74-kg division at the 2003 World Wrestling Championships in Créteil,France, and later represented his nation Israel at the 2004 Summer Olympics. He also trained as a member of the wrestling team for Hapoel Rehovot Sports Club under his personal coach Leva Zimkin. Coming from one of the most prestigious wrestling families in the former Soviet Union, Manasherov competed along with his cousin, three-time Olympian, and 2003 world champion Gotsha Tsitsiashvili in numerous global tournaments.
  • Iakovos "Jake" Tsakalidis (born June 10, 1979) is a Georgian born Greek professional basketball player. Tsakalidis, a 7 ft 2 12 in (2.20 m), 290 lb (130 kg) center, holds dual citizenship in Georgia, where he was born, and in Greece, where he was raised and became famous.
  • Ilias Iliadis (on 10 November 1986) is a Georgian-born Greek judoka who has been competing for Greece since the start of his international career. He won a gold medal in the half-middleweight (81 kg) division at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens at age 17. Illiadis also won a gold medal 6 years later at the 2010 World Judo Championships in Tokyo in the −90 kg category. As Greece's flagbearer, he had the honour of being the first athlete to march into the Bird's Nest Stadium during the opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.