Guide / Interpreter

Guide / Interpreter

We meet any demand that you have accurately and professionally.

The success of the tour depends on the Tour Guide’s qualities and efforts a lot. We cooperate with the best guides. Our experienced Tour Guides assist guests in every way and guide them through the various tourist places, providing in-depth knowledge about destinations. They lead walking, trekking, driving tours through popular sites, national parks, museums or other regional points of interest.

Historical facts, legends, local jokes are relaid to visitors in an entertaining, informative way. They play the role of a cultural ambassador, offering commentary and interesting titbits of information, which will allow visitors to fully experience and enjoy Georgia’s social, cultural and historical places.

Flexibility, punctuality, respect to our guests are our priorities in guiding.

Interpreters perform interpreting / transliterating services of oral and / or written communications at the highest level.

Languages spoken: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Hebrew, Turkish

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