Weddings in Georgia

Weddings in Georgia

When you are planning to get married and looking for a special venue, then choose something a little out of the ordinary and hold your wedding in Georgia. We promise, it will be a fantastic start to your married life!

We invite you to celebrate your wedding ceremony or anniversary in Georgia. You will never forget this incredible travel.

We are the company which will do all preparations and management of the wedding for you. From arranging just your accommodation to booking the church, providing a translation of your marriage certificate and arranging the table decorations, we do it all. Whatever your wedding day wishes, we’ll make them all come true. So for the perfect wedding inGeorgia, refer to us and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Why in Georgia?!

Mild climate, breathtaking landscapes, hospitality warm up your soul. Wedding in our country is a great possibility for a couple to enter the new life through the paradise door. Wonderful mountains, amazing gorges, new hotels, traditional restaurants, delicious cuisine are available for your romantic wedding ceremony in Georgia.

All these unique miracle spots can become a part of your personal fairy tale if you accept our help - the experienced travel and events organizers' team of professionals. We will carefully plan your best day, paying attention to any detail and all you will have to do - just to enjoy your wedding in Georgia.

And, by the way, we have the best wedding prices in the whole country. Our company can organize your ceremony in different styles, colours, seasons as per individual request.

Trust us and celebrate with us the best moments in your life!!!

We offer All Inclusive Services: travel and wedding arrangements

  • documents (translation and legalization of documents, including the all-important marriage certificate), flights, visas, hotels, pre-wedding family dinner
  • wedding scenario
  • venue, type and style options
  • budgeting, catering
  • transportaiton logistics
  • decoration, music, dancers
  • "Tamada" - professional toast maker
  • personal assistant
  • entertainment for guests and with guests participation
  • leisure & good mood!

Wedding venue and type options:

  • traditional Georgian restaurant professionally decorated in local style
  • modern European fashionable style restaurant or hall
  • country wedding in lowland Georgian regions
  • wedding in the Caucasus mountains
  • international wedding in the valley, vineyard, restaurant, mountains
  • international wedding in Tbilisi: Armenia, Azerbaijanian, Greek, Jewish, Russian, Ukrainian, Kurdish, Ossetian
  • wedding in Armenia
  • wedding in Azerbaijan
Wedding style options we offer:
  • Thematic, like 19th c style, early 1920th or 1960th, romantic
  • Colour style wedding: orange, green, red, colourful
  • Joyful
  • Mixed international style as per traditions and customs of the married couple

Traditional Georgian Wedding

Georgian weddings are celebrated on a grand scale. The extent of celebration and thoroughness of preparation are only limited by the financial situation of the family. Some couples choose to adopt western traditions, including the priest, marriage vows, staged shows and special tents for guests. Famous performers may be invited and celebration scripts may be written by professional directors. This all can be easily combined with the traditional Georgian wedding.

There are all kinds of combinations, depending on how extravagant you want to be. But if money is no object and you want your big day to really stand out from the crowd, the following gives an idea of what a full-blown Georgian wedding can become.

Official registration and civil ceremony

In order to get married on a set date, couples should submit an advance application to the registry office, which is the official body for marriage registration inGeorgia. The husband-and-wife-to-be will usually file an application several months in advance (usually one month) to allow some time to think over their decision. When the wedding day arrives, the young couple visits the registry office to receive an official marriage certificate.

Apart from the official civil ceremony, couples who wish to get married in church will arrange a special meeting with the priest. It is important that the meeting with the priest does not collide with the period of religious fasting as weddings are not performed on those days.

Both ceremonies may be arranged either on one the same day or separately. 

Preparations for the wedding: Wedding dress and toastmaster “TAMADA”

Bridal dress and groom's suit can be purchased or rented. Apparel and accessories--purse, veil, necklace and earrings for the bride, and tiara, tie clip and cufflinks for the groom--can be obtained in a special bridal salon as well as bridal dress. Many other issues are arranged in advance, including renting a vehicle (often a limo) for the newlyweds to travel around the city on a wedding day, hiring a restaurant where the celebration will take place, and choosing a photographer and cameraman who will shoot the wedding ceremony. It is also common to hire or invite a toastmaster (Tamada) to manage many aspects of the wedding. A toastmaster announces performances, gives the floor to guests who want to make a toast, and holds fun contests for guests and newlyweds. He is a very important person.

The Wedding Ring - A Symbol of love and commitment

Just like in the Western world, it is a tradition inGeorgiafor newlyweds to exchange wedding rings. Usually, the groom provides for the wedding rings, although that might vary depending on specific circumstances and material possibilities. The most popular wedding rings inGeorgiaare made of gold and might be decorated with precious stones or platinum and silver stripes. The rings may be customized with commemorative inscriptions on the inside. The bride is presented a ring with a stone (the engagement ring) before the wedding, on crowning ceremony day, while a wedding ring on the wedding day. It's worth noting that engagement rings are a fairly new phenomenon inGeorgia. The tradition of presenting an engagement ring to a bride comes from the Western world and borrows most of its traits--the gentleman unofficially presents an engagement ring to his beloved on the day he makes her an offer.

Georgians like all Orthodox Christians traditionally wear the wedding ring on the ring finger of the right hand. Countries like Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Spain, Austria,India and Greece have a similar tradition of wearing the wedding ring on the right hand.

The Wedding Day

So, you might be wondering what the traditional wedding day is all about inGeorgia? Well, we have a quick answer! From the start of the day, the bride usually gets some help from her friends and relatives with her looks and style. The festive makeover is often delegated to professional hairdressers and make-up artists who take care of every aspect of her looks. Fast forward a few hours, the bride arrives approximately an hour and half before the official ceremony of registration.

That's about time when a comical wedding tradition takes place. The parents of the bride pretend to steal the bride and ask the groom to pay a ransom. The groom usually ends up paying some symbolic monetary value to get his beloved back. Of course, the entire event is played out only for amusement of the guests.

After the ransom is paid and parents return the bride to the groom, the young couple heads straight to the registry office to officially register their relationship. The next destination for the wedding ceremony is a picturesque location of any sort where newlyweds can make (photo session) memorable pictures, including city parks, places of historical interest, the romantic sea coast or any other places of interest. If the couple wants to get married in the church, they go to the church and the ceremony is arranged there as well. Finally the newlyweds head to the restaurant to meet with the guests they invited.

Usually the celebration in the restaurant lasts until midnight and even longer, with a lot of traditional Georgian singing and dancing, toasting and lots of fun!


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