Our Team

Professionalism and competence is our priority and an “extraordinary tool” to be the company of trust.

The company Tourism Department staff is highly oriented on providing professional services on inner market and is certified in Tourism Services & different Training Programs in Tourism Management and Marketing. Quality, comfort and safety are priorities of our Transportation Department.

Apart from our current plans to create and offer new interesting tourist products on Georgian and Caucasus market, our long term goals are to promote outbound tourism and offer tour packages outside of the Caucasus area, including Europe, Asia, Americas etc.

Our company is family-owned and family-run. It is challenging, but we know when to “wear our business owner hat, and when to wear our family member hat”. It breaks down to the roles and responsibilities. It is really important.

We have some advantages over other companies - our commitment to quality because our strategic planning is centering around both business and family goals, our care and concern for employees, double sense of responsibility. All this is vital to successful family business.

Our family planning through sharing our goals, needs, priorities, strengths, weaknesses, ability to contribute helps us to create a unified vision of the company that guides future dealings.

Our non-family managers are fundamental part of our company as well and play an important role in its development. They are professionals with excellent planning, management, marketing skills.

We all support the ideas of sustainable and responsible tourism trying to offer products and services with minimum negative social, economic and environmental impacts, involving local people, providing more enjoyable experiences for tourists through more meaningful connections with local people, and a greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues, offering special tours for physically challenged people

We welcome new company members who are devoted to what they are doing, like and respect customers and become part of our circle.

We plan, create, operate, participate, enjoy, travel and have fun!

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