Georgia opens borders

May 13, 2020

We are proud to announce that the Government of Georgia made a decision to open its borders and welcome foreign visitors from July 1st 2020.

 It should be highlighted that Georgia will be among the first countries to open its borders by creating a safe corridor on land borders with the neighbouring countries, as well as by initiating bilateral negotiations with the other states.

 Prior to this, as per anti-crisis plan of the Government of Georgia, the decision was made to resume domestic tourism from June 15th, 2020.

Thus, the tourism industry will have an opportunity to reopen and operate in compliance with international safety standards after a lockdown.

Strict safety regulations will be in place for the whole tourism sector including hotels, restaurants, transportation, travel companies, and guides.

The above standards will insure both the safety of tourists in the country and the people employed in the industry.

Furthermore, arrangement of Special Green Tourist Zones throughout Georgia, with particular emphasis on the safety norms, will be a significant step forward towards offering a virus-free environment to tourists.

Effective measures taken by the Government  of Georgia have translated into relatively low COVID-19 numbers and brought the country international acclaim for its successful fight against the virus.

Our team is looking forward to meeting you in Georgia.