Goderdzi, Bakuriani, Gudauri, Svaneti – How Ski Resorts Meet the Winter Season

December 21, 2017

Ski resorts are expected to host a huge inflow of tourists

The project for transforming ski resorts into four-season resorts is being implemented in active regime. This year the winter season was opened on December 10th, 2017  at Goderdzi Resort and at Gudauri as well.

Goderdzi Resort

At the resort’s inauguration ceremony, officials noted that a new phase of the resort development has started as part of the development regulatory plan. Currently, six top-class hotel complexes are being built at the Ski Resort and their total investment value is 80 million GEL. The new projects will create 500 new job places and 435 accommodation places.

At the inauguration ceremony agreements were signed on implementing 4 new investment projects. Ministry of Finance and Economy of Adjara has signed the mentioned agreements with four companies.

In the 2017-2018 winter season two cable ways (gondola and bubble) will operate at Goderdzi Resort. Two new smaller cable ways will also launch operation in the new season, 200 meter bigel and 80 meter moving carpet, as well as children space and fast food restaurants.

Total  length of the skiing track at Goderdzi Resort is 8 kilometers and the maximum height is 2366 meters above the sea. As part of the resort development project, 1761 meter internal and sewage channels were arranged, illumination poles were also raised, the new road connects the central highway with investment land plots.


A total of 14 streets were rehabilitated in Bakuriani, including sidewalks were arranged on four  ones. In the future 10 more streets will be rehabilitated. A new park has been arranged along with the adjacent territory of the central park


Winter tourism season has been already open  in Gudauri. The hotel representatives noted that for the coming New Year the hotel places have been booked by almost 100%.


Svaneti Region is getting ready for winter tourism season inauguration. Mestia-Hatsvali cable way will be put into exploitation on December 23rd  and vacationers will be able to reach the skiing track in the shortest period.

National Tourism Administration says that Mestia is ready to meet tourism season, hotels are also ready to host tourists.

Ski Resorts Development Company

Sandro Onoprishvili, head of Ski Resorts Development Company says that a development action plan is being prepared for all existing and potential resorts and this document will be a certain guideline for investors.

“The world’s one of the best companies from Canada has prepared Gudauri development plan. The mentioned company has projected more than 1000 resorts. At this stage, the plan is at Ministry of Economy. We think multi-storied hotels should not be built in Gudauri. As to Mitarbi, we are waiting for the development plan to launch the resort active construction works. Mitarbi has potential to become one of the special resorts in Europe. Goderdzi resort has the development regulation plan and the resort is being developed due to this plan”, Onoprishvili noted.

Bakuriani did not have good conditions for construction and the construction process was carried out chaotically, but the situation has changed now. Svaneti Region development plan will be ready in February 2018 and the project will be introduced to make Tetnuldi more attractive destination for the world, Onoprishvili said.

Mulakhi community unites 11 villages. It is a unique community and economy and business should not intervene at high paces and distort the villages. WE should tender approaches  and that’s why we are waiting for the plan”, Onoprishvili said.