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September 3, 2015

In a country known for wine production such as Georgia, the harvest season is an important time of year. The harvest is celebrated with festivals, tours and wine tasting. Consider joining in the revelry and tradition by taking a wine tour of one or more ofGeorgia’s wine-producing regions.

Grapes are ready to be harvested in Georgia in the late August to mid fall, most often during October. The temperatures are mild during the day and pleasantly cool at night.

Where to Go

Almost every region of the country grows grapes; and cities, towns and villages across the country hold grape festivals to celebrate the harvest. The most well-known regions for grape growing include Kakheti, Racha, Kartli. Grab a map of Georgia and decide whether you want to focus on a single region's grape harvest or travel between two or more relatively close regions. Our reliable staff will arrange the trip in the best possible way from one region to another to get a taste of the variety Georgia offers.


A tour of Georgia during the wine harvest isn't complete without a visit to at least one wine festival. You can find festivals in the big cities likeTbilisi, Telavi, in the towns like Sighnaghi or Kvareli. Grape and wine festivals usually take place in town centers or main squares. They include wine tasting, regional food delicacies, crafts vendors, music and perhaps a parade or fireworks display.

Our tours in September-October 2015

The variety of tours all around Georgia. Each tour is from two to 8 days, includes wine tastings, vineyard tours, cooking classes, day trips and cultural activities. The one-day trips include visits to at least two wineries, tastings, transportation and lunch. To see several regions over the course of one harvest, you can book more than one tour.

We wish you the most interesting day during your stay in Georgia!

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