The Black Sea Riviera

The Black Sea Coastline

The Black Sea Coastline

We offer beach holidays at the Black sea coast:

- accommodation - 3*,4*,5* hotels

- transfers to/from Batumi - Batumi/ Kutaisi/ Tbilisi airports

- transportation - vehicle type: cedan, 4x4, minivan, minibus, middle bus, bus

- guiding: English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Japanese etc

- tours all around Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan

- leisure and entertainment events as per request

For Groups and Individual travellers.

Batumi is an administrative center of Ajara Autonomous Republic. It is situated by the Black Sea, on the lowland of Khakhaberi, 2-3 meters above the sea level and has a form of the half-moon. The city is stretched from the north-east to the south-west about 7 kilometers. The main part of the city faces the bay and is situated on the southern part of the Kakhaberi lowland, along the Bartskhana and the Qorolistsqali rivers.

Its territory is 19 sq. km. The seaside part of Adjara is mainly a plain-lowland, characterized with mild subtropical climate. The average annual temperature is +14,5° C,  ranging from +25° C in summer to  + 6° C in winter. The average annual precipitation is 2 200mm, air humidity- 80%.
Batumi, with the population 180 000, is the land and marine gateway to Georgia with its largest sea port, railway chain and other unique fields of the industry.