What makes Georgia the best choice as Your holiday destination

Few of the earth’s small nations offer the visitor as much as Georgia with its premium wines, hospitality, culinary treasures, marvelous scenery, a country with a perfect location in the Caucasus mountains.

What attracts visitors and makes them leave Georgia admired and enchanted by this country, where Europe and Asia meet:

  • UNESCO Heritage Sites and the ones on the tentative list
  • The birthplace of Vine and Wine with its numerous types of wine and vineyards
  • Ancient Country, where the first Europeans come from, the Legend of Argonauts is connected with and the Gold of Colchis can be found
  • Summer sea and Winter Ski resorts as well as its Spring waters, curative and tasty
  • Customs and Traditions: Georgian Spirit, Character and Hospitality when it is obvious here that the guest is from God, phenomenon of family traditions and ties
  • Culinary Flavours - tasty, savory and lots of recipes with numerous secrets and local ingredients – all prepared with charm and love
  • Flora and Fauna so rich and diverse with National Parks and Nature Reserves
  • Architectural monuments dating back to the 6th – 7th cc AD and among them unique stone watch-tower architecture
  • Wall painting/murals of different art schools all around the country dating back to the 8th-9th cc
  • Strategic location at the juncture of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, bounded to the west by hte Black Sea, to the north by Russia, to hte south by Turkey and Armenia, to the east by Azerbaijan, covering an area of 69,875 sq.km (26,979 sq.mi) 
  • Climatic zones make it possible to offer all types of tours: from Cultural tours offers to Adventurous and Trekking, from old cave-town visiting to modern cities, from mountaineering to alpinism, from bird watching to fishing, from diving to horse-riding. Climatic zones range from moderately humid Mediterranean, to dry-continental Arab-Caspian, and to cooler mountainous regions
  • Business and Travel friendly environment as well as International standards of Hospitality
  • Visa free zone for the majority of countries
  • Direct airlines or a choice of flights with good connections

All this existing in harmony for thousands of years fascinates the visitor.


map of Georgia
the Greater Caucasus Range
Mestia museum
Georgian dancers
the country of vine and wine
Traditional Georgian Wedding
Watchtowers of Svaneti
Famous drink Borjomi
Arts and Crafts
Gorgeous views
Khada Gorge
Skiing in Georgia
Treasury Janashia museum
Ancient country
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